Career educator Leola Marslow leaves permanent legacies

When Leola Agatha Marslow née Wilson first started teaching as a teenager, intending to use the experience as a stepping stone to some other profession, she could not have imagined she would retire from a fulfilling career as an educator 42 years later.

“In every school I teach or under the heading there is something I’ve been working on that would remind some students of me,” said Marslow, 62, now a retired head teacher at Stabroek Weekend

Marslow, who hails from Bethany Village on Arahouria Creek, a tributary of the River Supenaam in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), retired in 2014 without regretting joining one of the noble professions. She was only 16 then. At the age of 15, he successfully passed the examinations of the College of Preceptors at Bethany Seventh-day Adventist School at the time. It marked the end of her primary education. “I wanted to become a journalist but my dad said he didn’t like journalism. He wanted me to do nursing that I didn’t want to do. ”