Charmaine Blackman’s virtual birthday concert for tomorrow

Charmaine Blackman’s virtual concerts have become a sweet feast for all of Guyana to anticipate. Past performances have seen viewers rush and make special song requests for future concerts. So, Charmaine’s popular demand with another concert slated for tomorrow in honor of her 53rd birthday celebrated this past Wednesday.

Tomorrow is expected to be more polished than its past three virtual concerts. The singer revealed she went out this time and even secured a venue instead of singing from the comfort of her home. This is as much as Charmaine is willing to reveal as she suggests that there are some special surprises up her sleeve for fans.

The Charmaine Birthday Concert, as it is called, will be a glorified performance only. Viewers will also get that extra special duo performance with her husband Bonny Alves, who is also her producer.

Charmaine at a recent ExxonMobil Virtual Fun Day in which she performed.

Charmaine’s first concert captivated Guyanese who were still in awe of the coronavirus pandemic and definitely needed the cheerfulness. It was warmly welcomed and exceeded 100,000 views. This was certainly the encouragement the singer needed to continue. Since then, Charmaine has hosted the Fathers Sunday Concert, and the 8th annual Jazz & Soul Emancipation Concert that featured separate performances by Lady D, Ego, Devon Denny, Eze Rockcliffe, Saxophonist Aubrey ‘Fingers’ Roberts, and Bonny Alves.

The singer shared that her birth anniversary celebration was definitely a blast as she is surrounded by loved ones, and enjoys fan favorites, as well as calls and messages.

The singer is currently working on Mashramani songs for next year and is trying to remain optimistic that there will be a celebration.

Viewers can tune in to Charmaine’s Facebook page tomorrow night. The concert will start at 7pm.