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Choice does not mean guaranteeing the selection of some Guyanese businesses

Dear Editor,
I have to provide input on the article: “Exxon contractor seizes local company …” as written in KN 4th April. Yes, Exxon and its contractors should give local Guyanese traders priority over goods and materials, but they MUST select the local traders who do not meet the quality and standards expected of these multinationals their own internal guidelines, go over? The answer is No. Choice does not mean guaranteeing the selection of some Guyanese businesses, if those businesses do not meet certain corporate criteria and guidelines. Emphasis is placed on the goods and materials to be provided, as some of these items require more scrutiny than others. The more reasons to write contracts properly.
Pricing is just one factor. The contractors can choose another company if the price is higher, provided the quality and standards are high. How many companies would choose a supplier with no experience in a particular field?
That is rarely done. It’s the equivalent of an employer not choosing a job applicant with no experience. It happens all the time, and it’s a very valid argument for disqualification. “Networking” as Americans call it, with the employees at Exxon and their subcontractors in Guyana, and knowing who has an advantage is a route to attention and choice – especially if the supplier is new to it. the field. I think this is necessary. Especially in a highly competitive area, with scores of other established suppliers.
The likes of Exxon have guidelines and legal obligations that they must adhere to, even with procurement; and especially with some items – otherwise employees regardless of location can sue for the smallest issues, especially with PPE. PPE is a can of worms for some companies, due to lawsuits.
That’s why my main questions are:
(A) How was the expression of interest submitted by the local Guyanese company to SBM offshore?
(B) Did the Guyanese company state anywhere on the documents or email that the main supplier was an established multinational company – WW Grainger?
It would be interesting for KN to follow up to see which company was selected, and what was the difference in the submitted documents (if any), or emails, bearing in mind; other factors may also have played a role in the selection process.
You Kansi