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City Police to impose a $ 5,000 fine for not wearing masks

Kaieteur News – The Mayor’s City Police Department and Georgetown City Council (M&CC) will prepare efforts to ensure that citizens comply with the COVID-19 guideline to wear masks while in public.

City Police to impose a $ 5,000 fine for people who violate mask-wearing rules.

Earlier this week, the constables met and announced they will reinforce the $ 5,000 fine on any person found around the city in violation of the mask-wearing rule. The constable is expected to join forces with Guyana Police to conduct walks in key parts of the city including Regent Street, Robb Street and North Road.
So far, the constables have been reminding businesses to make sure they enforce the rules of wearing masks and cleanliness in their individual establishments. The constabulary team has been involved in the COVID-19 Task Force’s efforts to enforce Ministry of Health guidelines, even as a significant jump in fatal coronary virus disease is being recorded.
Last year, the constable assisted with the distribution of masks to the public, reminding them of the importance of protecting themselves and others from COVID-19. The unit was also fined and put to court, 51 people for not wearing face masks and violating a COVID-19 curfew.
Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine has urged tougher penalties on people who violate the guidelines implemented by the COVID-19 National Task Force. “We must work together to beat COVID-19. Failure to comply with this directive will result in a $ 5,000 penalty charge being imposed on people, ”Narine said.
The Mayor recently highlighted the increase in cases, noting that while many have dropped their protection, COVID is not over yet. As such, the move to beef backed up surveillance and forced COVID -19 defaulters. He noted that the constables will be among the ranks that would monitor public transportation to ensure that passengers, especially in minibuses, wear their masks.