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Clean leadership and a look at call centers

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By GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – There was much of the unrest from last week that raises the level of anger, ranging from more political unreliability to revelations about financial self-help by public officials to chronic citizens’ apathy about what is being done to them by leaders. . But I will not allow those stains this Sunday. I prefer to highlight a couple of positives, from which I had to travel some distance. That heartwarming moment, which most likely avoided the attention of many Guyanese, especially crooked political activists, goes like this.
A man in Trinidad has been reported to have reminded politicians: Leadership is a form of sacrifice, not privilege (KN Jan 25). I believe that Guyanese might be more willing to accept this man, because he is three figures in one. He is a judge, a lay minister in the Presbyterian Church, and a foreigner. Without going too much into his sermon and the spiritual, what he told his San Fernando church congregation appealed to me greatly. Leadership clauses must highlight “strength of character,” and “addressing the needs of others” and “not to be served but to serve.” While we may sense that our corrupt leaders would wave a dismissive hand quickly, this is what matters to me. What should matter to all of us, and what we demand of ourselves and our leaders. Guyana would be much better than it is today.
Next, were two-thirds positive with the rest not so encouraging. Sometimes there is business to do with one of our national utilities (telecommunications, water, electricity). The most convenient channel is the phone and to the entity’s call center. Lately, my calls to the GTT, mainly for landlines or Blaze, have been greeted with what is a lot of training, of standards and of quality performance. In summary, my communications with the GTT have been very encouraging. Yes, there is still time, but someone answers the phone, and is professional and polite. This is then followed by the option to share thoughts on how well the call was handled and whether the issue was resolved satisfactorily, by participating in a survey. I like it. I am aware that there are delays in visiting residences and dealing with pending reports, which is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But overall, my infrequent interaction with a GTT call center has been a good experience. I think it’s a solid standard, which other companies should incorporate as part of their Customer Service menu.
I had the same experience when I tried to get the GWI to inquire about a new development. To my surprise, the call was answered quickly, and there was a living person at the other end, which was the first sign that good things could follow. It was a useful conversation, and I’m satisfied that the GWI is on the right track. The key is to maintain and improve on what is in place. I must say that it was an encouraging improvement, given what used to happen before, when the line sang all the time.
And this brings me to the last of the local utility trinity, there are repeated calls to the GPL Inc. are still being answered. Those were on different days, and several times during the day. Perhaps, that was because of COVID-19; perhaps, I had them on ‘days off’, although I was worried that such should have happened on at least three separate days. This was not my previous experience, because the calls were answered, but I must add the discomfort to it. Usually, I got the impression that the Customer Care agent was doing me a favor, and didn’t like dealing with the situation. There is some restoration work to be done there, and I urge GPL managers to look into this, as part of an ongoing drive to serve citizens and to do it better and better.

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