Clothing seller “positively identified” as perpetrator of $ 5.8 million West Bank Demerara ALL robberies – Demerara Waves Online News- Guyana

Last updated on Tuesday, 6 April 2021, 22:50 by Denis Chabrol

A 22-year-old clothing seller from Sophia, Greater Georgetown is due to appear in court for two armed robberies including stealing ALL $ 3.5 million in cash, jewelry and phones from two men who were dining at a Chinese restaurant in Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara.

Investigators said they were trying to arrest the second suspect. Cornett and his assistant have also been charged with robbing the owner of two Superbet outlets and the manager of five other West Demerara branches of ALL $ 2.3 million cash as well as other items.

Christopher Cornett, who said the police had been “positively identified” by the victims during an identification parade earlier Tuesday afternoon at La Grange Police Station, is expected to appear in the Welsh Magistrates’ Court.

Based on the identification parade, Cornett was charged in connection with the armed robberies committed
on Mr. Jadeshwar Doolchand on March 30 at Fortuin Wood, West Coast Demerara; and on Navindra Kooblall and Leon Dyal on April 3 at a restaurant in Pouderoyen.

Cornett was arrested on April 3 hours after he and an aide allegedly robbed Kooblall and Dyal.

Police said he was “placed among seven other people of similar statue and description” and “then was positively identified by the three victims as the person who robbed them.”

Police said Kooblall was stolen from six gold chains worth ALL $ 2,145,000, two gold rings worth $ 220,000, one gold band WITH $ 400,000, one worth iPhone pro 11 smartphone WITH $ 320,000, one worth Samsung A17 mobile phone $ 150,000 and US $ 1,500, all worth ALL $ 3,320,460.

Police also said the gunmen robbed Dyal of one Samsung A50 mobile phone valued at ALL $ 60,000, ALL $ 155,000 in cash and US $ 200, a total value of ALL $ 255,000.

Cornett was also accused of robbing Doolchand of ALL $ 2.3 million shortly after arriving in front of his home on March 30, in Fortuin Wood. The shotgun thieves also pulled out one Samsung Galaxy A 20 cellphone that valued ALL $ 45,000 and two keys.