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Concerns about the recently appointed EPA Director


The Guyana EPA has recently come under increasing scrutiny and intensification of fire. Although I have been incompatible in my contributions, I try not to be unkind. Sharp, yes, unkind, definitely not. But because of the central role that this entity plays, I must seek some caution through the swamp that the PPP government has instilled into this country. It’s unfortunate, but the microscope must include Guyana’s EPA sitting Director; it is unavoidable.
I’m doing something rare: I’m naming someone: the director is Ms Razack. I think it was a temporary appointment. That is usually the first sign of mischief; and the longer such an acting situation persists, the greater the confirmation that political interference is imminent. More interestingly and worryingly, I understand that Ms Razack’s story is that of a journalist, and that her service at the EPA has been a senior responsibility for “Public Awareness”. That’s impressive, and speaks well of Ms.’s effort, dedication, and recognition (s). Razack came his way. I congratulate her for her longstanding service to the Guyana public. But now, I have to embark on another journey, which will cause some comfort on the part of the incumbent of the EPA, its political guidelines, and those who see only the partisan or the discomfort in those which identifies those jobs that are revealing and potentially destroying this land. .
I have to be honest, even risk sounding harsh. My view is that Ms Razack’s position as acting head teacher (subject to correction) gets the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is at sea and out of her depth. She is under-prepared and ill-equipped for the extremely complex and challenging tasks at hand. I regret that His Excellency and the Hon. The Vice President saw it as fitting to manufacture this visible and tangible wizardry to address Guyana’s vital environmental priorities and obligations. I regret that Ms. Razack was set as a helpless hostage (perhaps ready) to follow the party line (lines of leadership) by acting like those three legendary Japanese stone creatures. Those who see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing, and speak nothing. Yes, I took the liberty of adding another tragic figure.
The political bishops moving this hapless hostage are doing a terrible injustice to this woman and this country. They risk us. I say this while one smiles in his current elevation to the bishop of Guyana, the other fancies himself to be the Archbishop of the West Indies, if not the universe. There is nothing spiritual or remotely godly about those two; just what is devilishly clever and unhealthy for this society. Under her watch, and the instructions of leading PPP spinners and weavers, there is no dangerous situation, no oil concerns that a threat, no EIA (en impact assessment) is necessary, nothing to worry about. This is how the head of the EPA, the EPA itself, and Guyana are all thrown at the dogs because of machining two leaders with no compass, no credibility, no credibility.
These two slick Guyanese leaders play this dangerous chess game that is contrary to the interests of this country, the safety of its citizens, and its reputation, which is bound to be high among pollutants to be watches, possibly punished. Standing motionless in front of a Frankenstein monster created by the fecund minds of the President and Vice President is the head of the EPA. Hers is the bull’s-eye that everyone aspires to, despite being tied to leadership orchestras. I feel for her, and regrets that she cannot register her likely distaste for the dirty role she has been assigned to, and the decisions she has to make. Which means, unlike some senior American public servants, Guyana’s EPA chief may be constrained by circumstances from telling his political handlers to take the job and pushing him where the sun doesn’t shine. In Guyana, public servants do not walk away, not with the shocking conclusion that all doors would be slammed in their faces.
I don’t know the head of the EPA: if she’s a party executive (answering the call); or a convenient public servant held in a vise not made. But I do know this: the longer she stays, and the more disgusting of her agency’s record, the worse her name will be, whenever the environment is mentioned. I wish her all the best. I weigh up what I should wish for the leading political Hannibal Lecturers here who disfigure people and prospects. On those, they are roughly twofold; there must be Exxon incentives.

Lall GHK