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Given our very political climate, this will only be seen as a corrupt process. Our view is that all stakeholders should be involved in initiating a reform process.

‘As a minimum condition of electoral reform the team recommends the urgent need for the total re-registration of all voters in Guyana’

Whatever rules the government intends to put in place to make the electoral process ‘stronger, more transparent, more accountable and to be staffed by people of high integrity and professional ethics’, the above quote is the main recommendation of revising the Caricom Observer Team Report for the Recount of Guyana March 02, 2020, Elections, and should be an important component of the performance process. The CARICOM process is usually spoiled by the government but in a letter ‘All stakeholders should be involved in starting the electoral reform process’ (SN: 18/01/2021), the Group Electoral Reform (ERG), a recently formed citizen body to assist the reform process, highlighted an interview that Attorney General Mr Anil Nandlall gave to Kaieteur Radio on 9th January 2021 when he outlined a process that could easily lead to ‘ minimum state of CARICOM electoral reforms. ‘ The ERG rightly expressed concerns over the AG’s report that ‘a small unit has been tasked with producing the necessary pieces of legislation for review in consultation with relevant stakeholders who will work together to rectify the gaps in the electoral process .