Dear Editor,
Trump and his white supremacist supporters have thrown everything in the American electoral system literally and figuratively with the goal of obliterating the will of the people and, hopefully, stealing an election.
They failed because of the continuing features of American ethos and constitutional principles. They did not succeed because of:
• There is real independence and autonomy for the electoral bodies in each state. Trump tried to influence his fellow Republican governors in charge of battlefield states to declare false voting statements in his favor after he lost. They all unambiguously refused to do so because, for them, maintaining the constitution and the rule of law is vital to party loyalty.
Imagine if we were in a similar electoral situation and Granger had called Governors Mingo or Lowenfield to declare him the winner, you definitely know what would have been the result. Spoken word spreadsheet.
• Independence of the Judiciary. Trump’s legal team tried every legal trick to overturn the voting statements, and failed at every attempt. This is despite the fact that the Supreme Court is now pushing more conservatively because of Trump’s nominations. The same Trump-appointed Judges voted against his frivolous legal action because, for them, upholding the American constitution and laws is above any charlatan or megalomaniac.
This is similar to our Chief Justice (ag), Madam Roxane George Wilshire, in that he was integral to defining the independence of our jurisprudence in her flawless judgments during the elections fiasco. Citing as the two Court of Appeal Judges who ruled that the majority of 65 is 34.
Integrity, intelligence and independence of the legislature. Republican Senator Ted Cruz tried to get the Senate to replace members of the Democratic Electoral College in the battlefield states with Republican nominees, in order for Trump to declare the winner. More than ninety percent of Republican senators voted against Cruz’s proposal. The legislatures in the American House and Parliament demonstrated that in terms of upholding the American Constitution, it supersedes any party or party line loyalty.
Imagine if there was a similar vote of a similar nature before PNC / AFC Parliaments. Yes, it would all have been downhill with a supreme party line.
• Maintain law and order. The Washington Capitol Police did not respond promptly and proactively to Trump protesters, causing the Capitol invasion. Some of the ranks operated in a partisan manner, taking selfies and allowing protesters to gain access to restricted areas. A full investigation is now ongoing, and resignations will be forthcoming soon. This is to establish that the law protection agencies should always be impartial and impartial.
Finally, one of the continuing features of the American Constitution is that the Founding Fathers have ensured laws are in place to guard against Active Injustice. It is because of the rule of law that Trump is now facing demands for removal and possible impeachment.
This is the way a democratic society should function when faced with deranged and dictatorial presidents.

Yours faithfully,
Reggie Bhagwandin

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