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Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice Festers Toxic

Dear Editor,
I had planned to write about Cotton Tree to inquire where things are, as the vacuum of knowledge is present. Events, however, ran ahead of me. Because of the horrific murder of a pensioner, who is alleged to have been confessed by his neighbor, we now wonder when, if ever, Cotton Tree will be closed.
Not just any neighbor, but someone loosely related to one of the murdered cousins ​​Henry. And this latest murder of the pensioner means four have died in the most hidden way, with the duo Henry the most recognized and most barbaric. Although I am different and far from some of the extremes exhibited back then, I recognize and accept that the murders of Haresh Singh and now this pensioner, are vengeful in nature. Every Guyana should do the same. We must do the same, if we say we are for justice and peace.
We must not be lukewarm or patently oblivious to our reception of Mr Deochand’s advance. I agree that what has come to light is mostly hearsay stories, or secondhand memories and reincarnations. But, even as I say it, I sense some substance to the connection (s) in the quartet of murders.
It would be comforting for me to hear the expressions of anger in general; not of one side wounded, but of all, whether near or far. Such would be a comfort to me, that it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It would be soothing for the psyche to tear up this nation, which sees only what it wants to see and knows when it wants to see and know. Only then will harsh condemnations come. If we want to get anywhere in our relationships, then we cannot continue to have the obvious naked dishonesty that becomes selective on issues like these. To be blunt: I only find voice and conscience when it involves my people, my color, my politics, and my prejudices.
If our religious agents prove again to like it, and only that, then there is nothing more than opportunistic agent provocateurs, who serve no purpose for the people of this country, be it the families of the murdered, the neighboring communities , or the nation. generally. If our political leaders (and I expect no different from both sides) are, again, nothing more than the same raw party stripes that did damage at Cotton Tree, then only what is supportive to their disastrous visions they can do. He could of those who are caustic in their castigations of the suspected; or those leaders who contribute State assets to provide insurance.
I brace for one-sided passions to be suddenly poisoned; and by the same token, the others to the mouth of some thoughtless stereotypes that pooh-pooh the matter until it blows over. Overall, we are reminded, Cotton Tree accumulates toxicly.
Lall GHK