Cruickshank pandemic strategy – Stabroek News

With the death toll continuing to climb and the rise of COVID-19 cases globally, the future may seem bleak for many who have been steering new businesses this year. What started out as a personal fulfillment of the need to source modest clothing quickly turned into a full business earlier this year for Salina Cruickshank.

Singing her young daughter Lily as one of the greatest inspiration, Cruickshank recalled the difficulty she had in finding clothes that would help support her religious beliefs as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She made her own with an average turnaround of one week for a garment. Cruickshank mentioned that fit and proper sizing has been fundamental to her brand’s aesthetic that has almost been a double-edged sword since social distance made fittings a concern for her clients.

Having been interested in sewing from a young age, Cruickshank, 39, applauds the need for local economic stimulus as it relates to fashion, proudly stating that its sources for raw materials are locally sourced from Alims Dry Goods, Stabroek Market and Guyana Stores with the choice of materials leaning more towards climate-friendly fabrics.

While Cruickshank uses a proven strategy to deliver consumer satisfaction and functionality, it reaffirms that this has helped it to strategize quickly to accommodate supply and demand to ensure the business is self-sustaining. Tote bags, masks and especially fashion-friendly khimars are her best sellers. With consumer behavior changing, Cruickshank also hopes that its vibrant modesty aesthetic can be tailored to yoga and active wear for those who want a more athletic outlook.

He mentioned that sometimes the difficulty of maintaining an independent brand aesthetic was due to the influence of pop culture. He also reiterated that he adheres to this despite the challenges that often guarantee a safe journey through difficult times.

With a grant currently being processed through the Bureau of Small Businesses despite bureaucratic bureaucratic processes, Cruickshank remains optimistic stating that while trade fairs can be postponed and public gatherings become depressing now is the time to achieve perfection in its production in order to guarantee and retain consumer loyalty.

For more information on its brand, email [email protected] or call 641-3026.