Cuba rejects the U.S. report on diplomat health events

HAVANA, (Reuters) – Yesterday Cuba rejected a report from the US government concluding that a directed radio frequency was the most credible explanation for mysterious disorders suffered by US diplomats in Havana and elsewhere, calling it a more “unlikely hypothesis” ok ”or“ fact shown. ”

Between 2016 and 2018, dozens of U.S. embassy staff, mostly in Cuba, reported symptoms that included hearing loss, vertigo, headache and fatigue, a pattern consistent with mild traumatic brain injury that came to be called “Havana syndrome.”

Canada has said more than a dozen of its embassy staff and relatives based in Havana have experienced similar symptoms.

US President Donald Trump’s administration said diplomats had been attacked by some sort of covert weapon. Cuba has repeatedly said that there is no evidence of that and denied any involvement.

Yesterday the Cuban Academy of Sciences said the report by the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, commissioned by the U.S. State Department and published on Dec. 6, gives no scientific evidence of the existence of radio frequency waves.

“The Cuba Academy of Sciences disagrees with the final conclusion on the causes of the disorders,” the academy said in a statement read to journalists by its President Luis Velazquez.

Velazquez, who took no questions at the news briefing in Havana, said the “investigation into these health disorders had suffered from a lack of fluid communication between US and Cuban scientists.”

US officials say they have not been able to cooperate with Cuba on such a sensitive investigation where its Communist government is very interested in the outcome.

Cuba said the Trump administration used the health events to advance its political agenda of dismantling US-Cuba relations, after Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, worked to improve diplomatic relations with Havana.

The administration reduced the US embassy in Havana to skeletal staff and seized its warning on traveling to Cuba following the mysterious events.