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De jukka in de pants

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – A long time ago, if police were kidding yuh walking down a road with a heartbreak and hiding, dem used to pull him away from yuh. Dat is how people learn dat when I walk with a broken heart, a dem gate to be wrapped in a newspaper or some other newspaper.
If de ketch yuh is with penknife, you may come before a magistrate. If dem ketch yuh with an ice pick, yuh gat fuh answer what yuh is doing with it. If a yuh gate knife, dem assuming yuh up to evil.
Nowadays, people who walk de road with open heart in the hands of the dem, knife and ice choose a dem waistband and a penknife in their dem pocket. And de police nah stop nobody fuh question why dem dem the dangerous weapons pon dem.
Every Saturday night, if you go to the Emergency Department of public hospitals, you will find people who have to be treated with stab wounds. Similar to pon weekends, de stabbing is increasing. And in many cases, people die after a demon is stabbed. Yet south police nah do nothing fuh stop and search people pon de road fuh see what dem gat is dem waist.
Dem school kids keep up with ice and knife collection and get relief from cellular dem phone. It’s hard to see who gat jukka’s dem waist. Yuh sees de bulge. But like south police look fuh another kind of swelling, dem that collects money in a dem pocket. Yuh wutless if you bin think of another swelling.
Even crazy boys Dem are now walking around with a knife in the dem waist band. Dem boys play bravely and ask one of dem, does he go with a knife de in his waist band. He watches dem boys and seh, “I go and peel two mango.”
Talk half and nah ask how he gets de mangoes.