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Debating in Guyana and the United States


As I sit in my favorite chair reflecting on my fairly long life, I wonder why people are so hungry for power and what an unfair world we live in. I will make a few references to support my assertion. I will first touch on the recent events in Guyana, the country of my birth. There is no doubt that race plays a very important role in the political development of the country which is very unfortunate and bluntly speaking, I see no change in the next few decades. What is worrying is that the governing party is doing whatever it feels to do without fear of criticism. Now that the PPP / C is in office, it is taking steps to prosecute people from the adversarial APNU + AFC coalition. I am not arguing at all that their actions were obvious and without merit, but as a few government officials pointed out, the APNU + AFC had a field day while in office and did several overt and unjust actions, despite criticism from the opposition at the time. party of the PPP / C.
Now that the PPP / C is back in power, their top brass members are doing exactly what they had criticized when they were in opposition … some members are bold to say “it’s time payback ”but this is unfortunate … there are also lots of square pegs in round holes – two steps can’t do right. The big question is how can this wrong be corrected? I have no doubt that most Guyanese and Caribbean people would like to see a correction to this troublesome situation. It will definitely need the help of international agencies like the United Nations. There is little faith in the Commonwealth Secretariat, as the current Secretary General, Patricia Scotland, born in Dominica, has not achieved the reputation of his office, and the Caricom Secretariat is not too effective. There is a need to establish a high power group to assist, but the big question is who will organize such a move and who will fund it. The other issue will be the legal basis of such a body and whether its recommendations will be implemented. In the past, we have had a number of Commissions of Inquiry to investigate endless issues and throw their findings into waste paper baskets and cross them. Guyana and the wider Caribbean have produced several outstanding scholars; maybe they should come up with some ideas. Many are aging and may soon be obsolete. It’s a huge task – constitutional, judicial, racial, gender and many other issues are involved.
Over in the United States, the powerful nation seems to be 350 million in limbo. The country is completely divided, not only between republicans and democrats, but it seems as if a few radicals want to move towards socialism. Donald Trump, a wealthy right-wing businessman who ruled the country for four years was kicked off in a controversial election that Trump claimed was rigged, but Joe Biden, 78, the new President seems to have is surrounded by a few socialists including Bernie Sanders, Osacia Cortez, Ilhan Omar, et al. New Vice President Kamala Harris has left-leaning tendencies as well. The controversial issue is that the new administration wants to open up the country to migrants. More than 12 million are waiting to enter the United States – they were stopped by Trump who built a wall to block the flow. Another 11 million undocumented people in the country are seeking legal status. The coronavirus pandemic has added to the country’s problems. Up to the time of writing, January 26, there have been 424,000 deaths in the US and a total of 26 million affected. The pandemic has seriously affected the country’s economy and the way of life of Americans. Despite the difficulty of president Biden who served as a senator for decades and vice president of Barack Obama for eight years, he is optimistic that he will steer the country through the difficult times. He is being criticized for taking action to impeach Trump for the second time. It is unprecedented for a former President to be coerced.

Oscar Ramjeet