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Repay less than 0.01 percent of debt

Kaieteur News – Think about this issue in this simple way: $ 1,000 dollars is owed due to tricks and cheating. A promise made – indeed a very firm commitment, along with securing an attorney’s assurance – that all fraudulent parties will be repaid within 30 days. And despite ongoing speeches and what we believe to be nothing more than practical public performances, some of the bilked has received less than a dollar.
This is what thousands of Guyanese investors have cheated on, some of them borderline poor, have had to contend with, over the past few months. That is, the equivalent of less than a dollar on a $ 1000 dollar debt, obtained by fanciful fraudulent means and allegedly totally fraudulent. Not only is it insulting and deplorable, it ridicules Guyana, its judicial system, and its negatively affected citizens. It is disturbing observation, and worries about the effectiveness of local laws.
In everyday life, when such a circumstance occurs (and multiplying the numbers by many zero), issues could quickly deteriorate to the nasty. Those who are imprisoned repeatedly may resort to taking matters into their own hands: let the chips fall, which would be a sign of the frustrations and rage n be fooled by what seems to be more con games being played in front of a court that has been understanding and patient for far too long, a country operating in states of brass lawlessness.
It is in this state that the attorney of the two alleged conspirators to defraud the investing public, bravely striving to provide damage control, to offer the soothing, which only triggers more screaming and disbelief from the public. He strives hard, but he has little to work with, as his clients have not given much that instills confidence in their truthfulness, even in their genuine willingness to step up and achieve, and bring a satisfactory conclusion to a distant situation. too long.
But there is another side to this penny of calculated greed that is always in full bloom by carefully scripted acts with the intention of separating outrageous people from their money.
The other side of this sordid story of wrongdoing is that the longer it stays in the unobtrusive gaze of the public, the better the lessons to be learned. The first is that this early Ponzi scheme containing about 17,000 thoughtless and troubled Guyanese dollars and $ 4B is only a learning experience, the growing pains that signal what is to come.
Care should be taken to note that there are no hedges or conditioning in our position in this paper. It is of what is to come, as sure as the stars come out in the evening, the moon or no moon.
Because we have oil, we are now the border, the largest, widest, most obvious border anywhere in the world at this time.
They will come in decks. Think of dogs in heat, or captives around a liquor truck spill. That’s what oil does everywhere it was found. Gamblers and prostitutes and heavy hitters and planners will come as part of the influx. They will blend in nicely, or try to do so, with the crowd of adventurers and oil explorers. Those will come to invest money and make lots of money in the many lucrative opportunities for begging. And among this wave of outsiders, who provide the perfect cover, will be the hustlers and the fraudsters and the tricksters. They come with one grand scheme after another to clean up Guyanese hopes and dreams with their false promises of entering the big time and making big money, all of which exercise so easily that there’s no iota of risk.
That is the next lesson we are sharing today. Watch and be smart, when the Ponzi designers come. Because there is no such thing as no risk, not where cash is concerned, when strangers (and friends, too) come calling with their security plans overloaded with danger. Remember this last lesson: when the game is called fraud, it’s over before it starts. There is no upside; be sensible, please!