Decomposing body found in Kara Kara

A DECOMPOSED body believed to be a male stray body was discovered on Wednesday in a derelict building in Kara Kara, McKenzie, Linden after residents complained of a “smell”.
According to police reports, the body is of East Indian descent and the only given name is “Ziek” from an unknown address. The Guyana Chronicle was made to understand that, for the past year, the man had done odd jobs in the neighborhood in exchange for money or food. Accabre Drive resident Kara Kara said “Ziek” came to her home on Christmas Eve to do some work, but left after complaining that he was feeling unwell. She said a stink had blanketed the area between December 31 last year and January 1, but she and the residents assumed an animal had died. However, on Wednesday, after the scent became unbearable, they decided to follow it. This led to the discovery of the body, which lay in a dilapidated and derelict wooden building on Accabre Drive. A party of policemen visited the scene and discovered the decomposing body that was only covered in black Jersey. The ranks scoured the area for anything of evidential value but found nothing. The body was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex. After being officially pronounced dead, the body was transported to the Wismar Hospital Mortuary to await identification and Post Mortem Examination (PME).