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Democracy was never threatened in Uncle Sam

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – Bin Trump is studying Guyana as he prepares for a Common Entrance south exam. Everything de man seh after south elections was more than a Guyana playbook. He even speaks valid votes. He condemns de recount. He pins the court and finds that he is not giving way. He misses every step of de way.
American democracy has never been threatened. Before south elections, Trump was more popular among the de Far Right cause, he was constantly under attack from people who worried about what they considered his administration’s southern fascist tendencies. He is constantly bin deh under a microscope tea, criticized for what he was doing and where he was taking de country.
Americans did not cower or remain silent or claim dat they did not have enough information to decide who won de elections. No one said to throw ballot boxes. People stood against Trump.
The Courts bin stands for democracy when Trump supporters tried to overturn the results of a de-election. Now we see his government officials disassociating themselves from him and wat happen on Wednesday. Congress gets nothing from it and calls for Trump were immediately removed from Presidency tea.
Trump gat fuh face of sanctions. The Americans are not condon de Trump’s attempt to seize power. He will face a serious political boomerang in days to come. Already our social media accounts are being deactivated.
But American democracy is still intact. Trump could never cure him. As de APNU + AFC did in Guyana, a dat stunt he pulls is bound to tune pon he. It’s humiliating and humiliating … just so you know who.
Talk half and thank God Democracy lives in the south of the USA!