Despite difficulty, Olivia Bess admitted to the local bar – Kaieteur News

Despite difficulty, Olivia Bess admitted to the local bar

(From left) Rosemari Bess; attorney-in-law, Olivia Bess; Justice Sandra Kertzious; attorney-in-law, Keavon Bess; and Compton Bess.

Kaieteur News – Although not admitted to Hugh Wooding Law School a few years ago, 26-year-old Olivia Olexis Bess was admitted to the Bar yesterday.
Bess’s petition was accepted by Justice Sandra Kertzious.
The short reception ceremony was held at the Demerara High Court, attended by her parents, Rosemari and Compton Bess and her brother who is also an attorney-in-law, Keavon Bess.
During her speech, Bess extended her gratitude to Justice Kertzious for receiving her petition and also thanked her brother, Keavon for presenting her petition. The young attorney also thanked the other individuals for their support and words of encouragement during her trip.
Bess started her academic life at Friendship Nursery; then went on to St Andrews Primary and Sacred Heart Primary. After writing the National Sixth Grade Assessment and graduating in primary school, he earned a place at Tutorial High School. She was later admitted to St. Mary’s High School Rose.
In 2014, she went on to study for her Bachelor of Law degree at the University of Guyana. While studying for her LLB, Bess also studied for and obtained a Certificate in Psychology at the University of Guyana and a Certificate in Business Etiquette at Carnegie School of Management and Home Economics.
In 2017, she completed her LLB but was not placed on the list of the top 25 students to attend Hugh Wooding Law School. However, because it is undefined in nature, Bess wrote the entrance exam in 2018 and was admitted to Hugh Wooding Law School to train for her Certificate of Legal Education.
On November 16, 2020, Bess was deemed to have completed her training and was awarded her certificate. Later, her brother submitted her petition for admission to the local Bar and it was accepted.