The late Courtney Gonsalves

Given his tireless coaching services to Essequibo cricket for over two decades, the late Courtney Gonsalves was recognized by the inaugural Devon Ramnauth Youth League Under-19 Development Tournament with the championship trophy bearing his name.
Ramnauth, a former national youth player, on Sunday also handed over a plaque to the Gonsalves family, who currently lives in Canada, in a simple presentation.
According to Ramnauth, Gonsalves was indeed a household name in Guyana and his commitment to helping the young people with their development is duly acknowledged.
Gonsalves died at the age of 62 in Canada in 2013, but before he emigrated in 2001, Gonsalves had done tremendous work at Essequibo and, by extension, Guyana.

Devon Ramnauth is flanked by Subrina, Gonsalves’ daughter, Limma left and widowed in Toronto

Gonsalves also had the reputation of representing Guyana at the regional First Class level while his son Ian Gonsalves played for Guyana at the youth level.
“I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the late Gonsalves to Essequibo cricket, as I recently ran away from the youth tournament and it is only fitting that Gonsalves must be remembered for his excellent coaching position in the county; he was a highly regarded coach and his love and passion for the coaching and cricket job resonated well, ”Ramnauth noted.
In the presentation, Ramnauth, who has appeared on behalf of Essequibo at various levels in inter-county cricket tournaments, said that he and his family were still sad because of Gonsalves’ death and that they wanted to do these tangible things to remember in every aspect of life.
“As a youth player for Essequibo I always have a burning desire to see the continued development of cricket; at the recently concluded youth tournament, I saw a large number of talented under-19 cricketers and this is the exposure our talented and promising young players needed and I’m sure my favorite Gonsalves coach will smile from ‘ heaven on this initiative now, ”Ramnauth said.
Ramnauth informed that his Youth League will continue to receive championship trophy honors in memory of Gonsalves. The next tournament is being billed for August. Queenstown Under-19 emerged victorious in the first edition which featured six teams. Ramnauth has stated that there would be an increase in teams in the next issue.

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