DFG could resume competitions within weeks

Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) could resume its cricket competitions within a few weeks, according to Competitions Committee chairman Shaun Massiah.
The veteran cricketer / coach said the restart is a process, but if everything goes according to plan, the national sport would resume in the capital later this month.
An actual resumption date, however, would depend on the approval of the COVID-19 Task Force and the weather, according to Massiah.
“Once we have good weather and the approval, we would convene a meeting with our clubs, captains and associated secretaries to discuss and impose COVID-19 regulations relating to cricket and players. Once this is all done, we can set a resume date; but so far tentative dates are either January 23 or 30. ”

Massiah, who is also the senior captain / coach of the Transport Sports Club, noted that there are still 2020 contests to be completed.
“We have competitions to continue such as 1st and 2nd Division, 2-Day and 2nd Division 40 Overs.”
Once completed, DFG will initiate several new competitions at different age levels.
“The new competitions in the pipeline are: First Division 50 Overs, Under-13, U-15, U-17, U-19 and U-23, Open T / 10, 1st & 2nd Division T20, followed by a 1st restart and a two day 2nd Division along with a 2nd over 40 Section. ”

In the meantime the association is looking to attract new sponsors and hopes that its regular sponsors would provide support again.
Massiah who is confident the sport would get the green light soon said the cricketers’ safety would be paramount.
“Once everyone is following and practicing all protocols and keeping the immune system high, it should be good. When you see sports such as affiliate football getting the Task Force’s approval, I would want to think that cricket that sports less contact would get approval.
“All field positions are about six feet (apart) apart from slips about two to three feet apart, so it’s an 80% chance of getting the Task Force goal unless something big happens.”