– Leonora’s transformation into a ‘smart hospital’ began

Work at the Diamond Diagnostic Center to upgrade the establishment at Smart Hospital is nearing completion, with only minor external works remaining. This is according to the Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, during the COVID-19 Update on Wednesday.

Health Minister
Dr. Frank Anthony

The Minister told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that while the hospital was almost ready for transfer, the transfer was delayed due to challenges in importing some items for the facility.
“Our expectations are (that) by the end of this month we will be able to transfer the facility, so that we can return Diamond Hospital to full operation,” he said.
Meanwhile, work has begun on Leonora Cottage Hospital to upgrade that facility to Smart hospital under the Smart Healthcare Facilities Project.
“Services at the Leonora facility continue on site; but, at some point, when we have to do more of the in-house work, we will use some of these services for the surrounding community. Therefore, we are not going to disrupt the services; we’re just going to put it in another area, so that people can still access health services, ”the Minister noted.
Dr Anthony explained that some of the building’s exterior work had been rearranged due to the rainy weather.
Three other hospitals are being rehabilitated under the Smart hospital program: Mabaruma Regional Hospital in Region One; Lethem Regional Hospital in Region Nine, and Paramakatoi Health Center in Region Eight.
Minister Anthony has said the Lethem Regional Hospital contractor started last year, and made “significant progress”, while work is expected to start sometime this year at Mabaruma Regional Hospital. The upgrades for the Paramakatoi Health Center will be done in cooperation with the Guyana Defense Force.
The concept ‘Smart Hospital’ refers to a facility that is safe and ‘green’. The initiative comes under a $ 835 million (US $ 4.175 million) project funded by the UK Department for International Development.

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