Distance learning challenges – Stabroek News

Classes will resume almost when the new school term starts on Monday. While I’m sure some parents and children are disappointed that face-to-face learning won’t start again, with the increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections and deaths reopening schools, it’s certainly not the right thing to do ‘ w doing it right now. Some feel with vaccination that classroom learning might happen sooner rather than later but teachers are not block vaccinated, so I’m not sure how this will work.

But even as we try to keep ourselves safe, our children’s educational and psychosocial well-being continues to worry. Daily I hear from parents who report that their children’s performance has dropped. I am even more concerned about the large number of children who are not accessing any form of education. Yes, I know the Ministry of Education provides worksheets and these can be collected from schools, but there are many children who do not even access these and many who do many times unable to complete the work because it is not understood.