Dj stabs the selector’s face during a debate in the radio studio – Kaieteur News

Dj stabs the selector’s face during a debate in the radio studio

Kaieteur News- “Dj Raw Gold ”is now fleeing after he stabbed his selector to his face on Saturday with a broken Guinness bottle, during an argument they had at a local radio studio. Kaieteur News learned that the wounded selector went by the name “Yannick”.
The stabbing incident reportedly took place around 20:45 hrs. at the Hits and Jams (HJ) radio studio located in Queenstown, Georgetown.
According to police, Yannick was allegedly stabbed four times. The victim told investigators he started talking to “Raw Gold” when he arrived at the studio. But th

On the run for stabbing Yannick, DJ Raw Gold.

Chatting allegedly turned into an “over work” debate. Things became physical after “Raw Gold” located a Guinness Bottle, broke it, and dealt with stabbing Yannick to his face before escaping.
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then ured man was taken to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) by people who witnessed the incident. He received stitches for his wounds and was sent away.
Another person who saw the selector being stabbed recorded a video showing blood splatters on the walls and floors of Boom FM’s HJ 94.1 radio studio. While recording, he was heard calling

Screenshot of video showing blood splatters on floors and walls of radio studio HJ 94.1

g for help.

Wounded to his face with a broken Guinness bottle by his Dj, “Raw Gold”, Selector Yannick.

“Right now the studio hay needs some help eva deh close yall come fast.

Raw gold and Yannick go in combat hay. Blood every way f ****** g. Watching wa go on grass. Yannick’s face f *** ki up bad grass s *** t. Yall come fast ”.
Since then, HJ 94.1 has issued a statement labeling Yannick and Raw Gold as independent Djs.
HJ explained that they both pay for airtime to broadcast their weekend program.
Following the incident, HJ said he had decided to stop the program and its hosts from its airwaves.