Drink my granola – Stabroek News

My eating is inconsistent. Only when I want food. Therefore, you would never find me eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner because of a time indicated by a particular clock or time of day. What I always do is make sure I am nutritionally fed and not simply filled with empty calories. Empty calories is a term used to describe foods and drinks that contain many sugars, fats, processed oils and alcohol. They provide a lot of energy (calories) but little to no nutrition in vitamins, minerals, fiber and so on. One of the ways I eat healthy while being served something playful and a snack is by making my own granola.

Making your own granola is not only easy, but costs considerably less than buying it. Another thing is that you can control the amount of sweetener used and you can give as much of your choice as personalizing your granola. For the record, I’m talking here about loose granola which is like cereal and not granola bars.