Driver arrested with two boxes of ammunition – Kaieteur News

Driver arrested with two boxes of ammunition

– cops on the hunt for two passengers

The two ammunition boxes found in the car.

Kaieteur News – A driver was arrested yesterday after his passenger allegedly ran away and left him with two boxes of 12 meter 35cartridges munitions.
The driver was arrested around 04:30 o’clock. at Back Street, Weldaad, West Coast Berbice (WCB).
According to police, ranks were conducting a stop-search exercise between 04:00 and 05:00 hours.

A 12 meter Remington shotgun found by the ranks in search of the two passengers who ran away.

along Weldaad Public Road, when they saw a silver gray car driving on to Back Street just before reaching their road block.
Ranks, suspecting the car’s occupants were trying to avoid them, decided to follow the car to the street.
Police said the car was parked with its lights off. As they got closer, two people left the car and ran away, leaving the driver alone.
The ranks proceeded to search the car in his presence (the driver) and found the illegal bullets.
Other items found in the car included a slasher, a Yamaha-branded boat engine, a gasoline bottle, an RB battery, one power bar, a blender and a well-equipped gearbox.
The ranks decided to search the surrounding area for the passengers who ran away, which led to the discovery of a Remington 12-meter shotgun.
The driver has since been arrested and taken into custody as cops continue to hunt for the passengers.