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The EAAF director claims he was never offered an autopsy video – the Ministry of Home Affairs says he lied

The horrific murder of West Berbice youngsters…

Berbice young people killed: Joel and Isaiah Henry with Haresh Singh to the extreme right

December 15 meeting Dr. Fondebriber with, Home Affairs, Robeson Benn and Upper Police officers

Kaieteur News – Even as Director of the Argentine Forensic Team (EAAF), Dr. Luis Fondebriber has noted that Guyana Police (GPF) has never made any offer for him to watch videos of the autopsies conducted on Berbice youths killed. in early September 2020, the Minister of Home Affairs and Guyana Police are countering his allegations.
The young people murdered are Haresh Singh 16 and cousins ​​Henry, Joel and Isaiah 16 and 19 years old respectively. It has been four months since they were killed and police are yet to find their killers.
Luis Fondebrider, presented by the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) to assess whether or not his team can help resolve the case. He conducted a four-day visit, in December 2020 where he visited the crime scene and the family members of Singh and Henry’s cousins.
On January 6, an article in the Kaieteur News titled, “FBI assists police to solve murder of West Coast Berbice youth”, reported that Dr. Nehaul Singh, advised that a video of the autopsy conducted could be provided to the director of the EAAF. on the teens. With a copy of the video, he would be able to form his own opinion or conclusion. Well-placed police sources had said that Dr. Fondebriber has responded to them again.
In response to these statements, Dr. Fondbriber in a letter published in yesterday’s issue of this paper, “A report conducted in the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News on January 6 states that I was offered to view the video of the autopsy conducted on the people young man murdered on West Coast Berbice and that “the authorities are awaiting a response on this from Dr. Fondebrider. ” For the benefit of your readers, “I would like to make it clear that I have never been offered such an offer at any time.”
During his visit to Guyana, he continued to be the only formal meeting on December 15 with the Minister, having had the opportunity to meet with officers since his efforts to meet the pathologist who performed the autopsy and the Head of Crime, Wendell Blanhum unsuccessful. Fondebriber went on to add that he had written to Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn on December 21, requesting a number of reports in order to make a professional assessment of the murders.
He wrote that he has not yet received any answers from the relevant officers and cannot understand how GPF stated that they had offered him the opportunity to view the video of the autopsies.
The GPF and the Ministry of Home Affairs have since sent out appropriate statements calling Fondebriber allegations false. GPF said that his letter was filled with inaccuracies and advised, “In a matter of this nature of national importance, it is irresponsible to make such public allegations contrary to the facts of the reality of what happened . ”
The meeting that Fondebriber mentioned was acknowledged by the Ministry of Home Affairs and GPF. However, they argued that it was at that same meeting that Mondebriber was offered to watch the autopsies video.
GPF stated in its press release, “At this meeting in the presence of all attendees the proposal was made for Guyana Police to share a copy of the video of the post mortem examinations conducted on Henry’s boys and to date, not does the Guyana Police Administration receive a formal response from Dr. Luis Fondebrider as he is involved in that proposal ”.
The Ministry of Home Affairs also said in its appropriate release, “At this meeting, Dr. Luis Fondebrider that he would get the video of the autopsies carried out in relation to the Berbice incidents ”.
The ministry also added that “he would receive forensic reports of those autopsies as well and even offer him another offer to meet with Dr. Government Pathologist Nehaul Singh, who was at that time on his way to duty in Lethem ”.
The brutal killing of a teenager in early September last year sparked protests, robberies, and blocking the roads in West Coast Berbice. Several vehicles were burned during the protests as access to and from Berbice was cut off for days.
The mutilations of Joel, 16, and Isaiah Henry, 19, were the first to be found next to a coconut farm at Cotton Tree Backdam, West Coast Berbice.
A rice farmer was arrested as one of the suspects for their murder. A few days later, in the midst of the violent protest, his grandson, Haresh Singh, 17, was also killed in apparent revenge.