Eat light: Cabbage-Apple Slaw – Stabroek News

Do you have eating periods? You know a period of time when you can’t seem to get enough food or a certain drink; you do it regularly and eat it almost daily. Or is it just me? At the heart of my current eating period is Cabbage-Apple Slaw.

There are times when you want something to eat but not necessarily food — food, such as in a cooked meal. You want something light and savory that exudes the kind of mouthful and satisfaction you are after. I find this Cabbage-apple slaw fits the bill, more so when having some omegas-3 and 6-rich walnuts. In these times when many of us work from home, we can find ourselves eating more, even though our daily physical energy output has reduced significantly. Not just because we’re in a pandemic, and the fact that our ability to fight this virus seems to be directly correlated with our health, in general, we have to find ways to be healthy and one of the keys is through our food and drink intake.