Education projects to dominate the upcoming World Bank portfolio

Education projects will feature prominently in upcoming government collaborations with the World Bank, according to Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, who said on Monday that he was involved in heavy social sector investment in line with prioritization initiatives to promote human capital development. .

Addressing a Ministerial Conclave on Human Capital convened by the World Bank Group as part of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group’s Spring 2021 Meetings, which are currently taking place, Singh stressed that the government views the development of human capital “as a critical prerequisite. for and an essential objective of economic growth ”.

“…[D]Quoted the large number of competing demands on our limited financial resources, we invest heavily in the social sector – education, health, etc. – as well as in facilitative infrastructure such as information and communications technology, ”Singh was quoted in a statement to ‘ the press issued by his ministry.