Part of Matthews Ridge

The generator at Matthews Ridge, Northwest Region (NWD), which encountered some mechanical gaps last week has been restored to normal operations, bringing relief to hundreds of residents.
Hinterland Electrical Incorporation Company (HECI) CEO Horace Williams said the problem had been resolved.
“We had a few low-frequency shutters and when we investigated it was based on the quality of fuel delivered to the scene at the time,” Williams told the Department of Public Information (DPI).
The Head of HECI stated that the fuel used in the generator had sediments which resulted in obstructions and subsequent power interference.
He added that the power company will use additional fuel filtration systems to remove sediment and water from procured fuel to prevent the incident from happening again. “Before the end of the week [we] expect to have those systems in place, ”he said.
The generator is reported to have operated throughout the weekend through no fault. On December 23, 2020, the $ 6 million generator was installed to increase fixed power supply in the community.
Between April and August 2020, Matthews Ridge residents were without electricity due to malfunctioning generators.
Public Works Minister Juan Edghill had raised this issue during discussions of Financial Paper No. 2 of 2019 at the Delivery Committee last month.
“When we arrived at the Ministry, the seven areas served by power generated in the Hinterland Electricity Program, those generators have not been adequately maintained and serviced and there was an immediate request for $ 281 million, nearly $ 282 million, to achieve. much needed repairs to these generators.
“When we came to the job, Matthews Ridge was without power for months. Port Kaituma was suffering. Mabaruma was suffering. Kwakwani was getting power four, five hours a day, ”Minister Edghill had noted.
Since taking office, the PPP / C Ministry has set out its plans to transform the electricity sector. On off-grid locations like Matthews Ridge, Brigadier Prime Minister (ret’d) Mark Phillips said, in October, that power stations would be built that are powered by renewable energy sources.
These stations would be for hinterland communities that are not connected to a GPL grid and would include the flagship Amaila Falls Hydropower Project and similar renewable energy stations in Kato Village, Region Eight, and at Kumu Falls, Region Nine.
Aside from building solar farms, about $ 2 billion has already been allocated for the purchase of solar panels for Amerindia communities.
The First Minister has said that the use of solar, wind and hydroelectric sources is vital to the energy mix that the Government is working to establish.
The PPP / C during the 2020 elections campaign pledged to improve the quality of life for all citizens by providing cheaper and more reliable electricity as set out on page 25 of the party manifesto.

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