Endurance Meet to start GMR & SC 2021 activities – Guyana Newsroom

Guyana Racing and Motor Sports Club (GMR & SC) is looking to get its activities back on track in 2021 and will start the season with the usual Endurance Meet on Jan. 24 at the South Dakota Circuit.

The Endurance meeting was one of only two events possible in the shorter term of 2020 due to the pandemic, and according to GMR & SC President Rameez Mohamed, though they are still working out logistics to comply with COVID-19 protocols, they are confident that they can hold a meeting, but without supporters.

The event is sponsored by Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc.

Mohamed said: “2020 was a loss for us, it was touted to be a hyped year, but safety comes first, and we ended the season early like many other sports. The good thing is that some drivers have taken the opportunity to work on their vehicles and make the necessary improvements, so I expect once we are on the track on the 24th it will be very exciting. ”

Endurance racing is supposed to test the equipment durability and endurance of participants. Teams of multiple drivers try to cover great distance in one event, with participants having a break with the ability to change during the race. The event typically lasts two to three hours in South Dakota.

GMRS & SC President Rameez Mohamed

After the circuit event, it will be back to the much-awaited quarter-mile strip for Drag Racing on Valentine’s Day.

“During the pandemic, with the help of Team Mohamed, much work was done to improve the Drag Strip. It’s even better than before which also makes it much safer, which is the club’s top priority. We are seeing faster and faster cars developing and Drag racing has grown exponentially over the past two years. Personally, I really want to launch on the better surface. ”

Mohamed could not say whether a small number of spectators would be allowed to enter the venue for that event, indicating that it will be dependent on the COVID-19 situation in the country at that time.

Suriname drivers would be interested, but their presence would depend on the travel protocols in place.

The first Circuit race is slated for March 28, followed by round two of the Endurance on May 8 and July 4, round two of circuit racing.

An international Drag Racing meeting is slated for August 15, followed by a third endurance meeting on September 12 and Drag Racing on October 3.

The end-of-year international racing meet is set for Nov. 7 and despite the pandemic, competitors Trinidad and Tobago were ready to tour last year, if borders had been open to travel.

There are also four rounds of Karting at GT Motorsports, scheduled for March 13, April 24, July 17, and August 21.