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EPA Guyana stands in name only, and nothing else

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to the article entitled, “The EPA does not require any studies for five projects dealing with dangerous oil and gas chemicals – it lacks the ability to test” (KN January 25th). instead of putting pointed questions to the public, as I usually do, today I am taking some hard jobs, through a few conclusions they have come in. I expect PPP parties to make their usual retreats from the and the PNC partners (meaning the coalition) to join them in what is now a broker’s silence on oil-related things As for PPP leaders – His Excellency and the Hon. president – both will take comfort in hiding behind the local forts built, and American Fortress, as well.

For some time now, it has been unquestionable that Guyana’s EPA stands in name only, and nothing else. This state agency does not even make an effort, pretend, to do its job properly, and represent the interests, security and reputation of this country. After all, a couple of communities that were negatively impacted, and a couple of thousands of Guyanese sick, are nothing to get upset about, to lose sleep over and over again. That’s why, in project after project, Guyana’s EPA standing position has been equated to ‘no opposition.’ I think it would be more accurate to label his mindset and actions as no interest, no concern, no problem. In Guyanese lingo: doan tek wurreez. Or: wha dah gah fuh duh wid wee? It doesn’t matter that the dangerous and the scary are involved, the EPA’s leadership remains unmoved and uninterested.

In fairness to the EPA’s management, it is not responsible for its untidy record. It’s not what he does or doesn’t do near-is for him to decide. To say it is an Exxon stooge and to bend over backwards to comply with company requirements is only partially correct. That’s not how things work. Checks would confirm that there are no fingerprints, thumbprints, or specimens from Exxon found on EPA Guyana. But go above the local EPA and there’s Guyana’s real story and tragedy. The president and Vice President can’t undress quickly enough for Exxon. The abuse inflicted on those two Guyanese enlighteners is evident from their hesitant actions, their hollow voices, their body language that speaks of beaten men to the ground, where they groan at every whim and Exxon caprice. I present that part of the prestigious deal concluded with Mr. Pompeo (and the resident American Ambassador who is prone to laryngitis and is now chronically prone) is the order to go easy on Exxon.

I think this explains why the agency does not have the “ability to carry out tests” as the article subheading noted. When PPP leadership colleagues choke on a money agency, then it cannot do its job. It is a proven strategy that fulfills concerns about troublesome regulations, which the president himself has made a firm promise to dismantle, many times, and has achieved in aces. The EPA stands as a visible and transparent and irrevocable example of the handiwork of the Guyana president, who insists he has his country’s interests at heart. Maybe like me, he’s a dual citizen, so anyone’s guess is which one he means. But if the EPA is not properly funded to participate in comprehensive defensive programs for the benefit of Guyana’s environment and the peoples of Guyana, then it is helpless, toothless, and utterly useless. It is not enough for me to say that the EPA is perforated and neutered, it is rendered utterly useless, where oil and gas exposures are at issue.

I blame no current head of the EPA. She knows her role, being a figure and a placemat. Sadly, she and the agency now stand as carpet and malicious mats. His Excellency and the Hon. The Vice President has seen that, and as a result they offer the fatty, or nothing at all. That’s why they got rid of that likely difference maker, Dr. Vincent Adams. This was what Exxon wanted, and the PPP leadership duo ensured that they both waged the same tone, as composed, organized and directed by Exxon. This is the Guyanese reality: a long time ago, control of this country had passed into the hands of the kings involved in a particular trade; that was a compliment to the same PPP leadership, now rearranged in a pretend bow before constitutional provisions.

Editor, I will say that control of this country today has passed again, and this time it is for Exxon. The president and Vice President should give themselves medals for their contributions. And after that, they can then travel to America to collect their extra coins for their conspiracies. There they are, with the addictive EPA standing as a memorial to their leadership sale to Exxon (and America).


Lall GHK