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Essequibians celebrate Easter with simplicity

By Romario Blair

Largest kite seen at Charity, Essequibo Coast yesterday.

These little boys were eager to fly their kites yesterday.

Few people chose to fly their kites yesterday at Bush Lot Community Center Field on the Essequibo Coast.

The entrance to Anna Regina’s sea walls was closed off yesterday.

Kaieteur News – Yesterday marked the second celebration of Easter since the first COVID-19 outbreak was recorded in Guyana. In a bid to reduce the rate of infections, most beaches across the country that are closed on Easter Monday were closed.
A visit to the countryside, however, revealed that Essequibians were still trying to maintain their kite flying activities by using the harvested rice fields, and in some cases, the expansive communal lands. Enemy for COVID-19, Easter Monday on the Essequibo The coast typically started with the usual kite flying activities. From as early as 05:30 hours people would start flying their kites and activities would usually continue until around 15:00 hours when families would go to the beach or breakwater to continue their celebratory activities. Beach parties continuing until dawn were the norm before COVID-19.
But yesterday’s celebration was simple, unlike what Essequibians have become accustomed to over the years.
It was seen yesterday that small batches of kite flying activities started early. Some parents were seen taking their children to the playgrounds but by noon, however, most activities seemed to have stopped. Anna Regina, a single mum told Kaieteur News, “usually every year we would go to the beach, but since the beach closed because of COVID-19 we couldn’t go there. We use the playground instead. ”
Although there were no official kite competitions as in previous years, some individuals kept to their annual routine of making the smallest and largest kites. At the Village of Bush Lot, this publication was shown the smallest kite and one of the largest kites. Although the largest kite there was 14 feet long, the smallest measured only a few centimeters. Anyway, the biggest kite seen by this announcement was made yesterday by a group of Charity who called themselves ‘The Money Team’ [TMT]. That kite measured 15 feet long and 9 feet wide.
The day ended quietly with very few people gathered in their homes still in the celebratory mood.