Essequibo pensioner cut to death by Policeman – News Room Guyana

Police are investigating the death of Patrick George, 73, an Onderneeming pensioner, Essequibo Coast, who was cut to death by a police officer during an argument Sunday.

Police said a police sergeant was cleaning in and around his Onderneeming residence when George approached him, who apparently removed a zinc sheet from a fence separating his residence from the one the Sergeant was cleaning to access it.

Police claimed that George was in the process of assaulting the Sergeant with a broken heart and a piece of metal.

As a result, the Sergeant, who was using a broken heart, awoke and cut George, who dropped his broken heart and the piece of metal and escaped through the said zinc fence.

At about 10:00 h on Monday, police acting on information received, went to George’s home when they found him lying on his steps immobile with a cut wound on his forehead, wrist and chest.

The body was taken to Suddie Public Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival at a doctor, taken further to the Charity Mortuary awaiting post mortem.

A Police Sergeant is currently under arrest as the probe continues.