ExxonMobil is escalating over problems with gas compressor – News Room Guyana

ExxonMobil said Friday afterward that it had increased natural gas flares in the offshore oil production vessel Guyana because of problems with the gas compressor.

“There was a technical issue about the seal on the gas compressor on Liza Destiny,” said ExxonMobil’s Guyana office, adding that “this unfortunate incident meant we had to temporarily increase our flare over pilot levels in order to maintain safe operations. ”

The company had agreed with local authorities that gas flares would be kept at a limit of 15 million cubic feet per day. The company did not immediately say how much torch has increased or whether it has reduced production to limit the amount of gas it would need to flame.

Last year, the company faced similar problems with the compressor failing to replace all the natural gas produced alongside Liza’s light, sweet crude. It had then decided to reduce its production levels to reduce the amount of gas it would need to ignite.

Torching is a major environmental concern, as it produces harmful greenhouse gases responsible for changes in the world’s climate.

“We are disappointed that this unexpected issue has happened and we are working diligently with the shipowner and equipment dealer to understand and fix the issue as soon as possible,” said Alistair Routledge, President of ExxonMobil Guyana.

The company said relevant government authorities have been notified and is providing regular updates.