Fagundes murder tester: “Killa” was released on substantial bail

Rondell Bacchus named “Killa”, who had been in custody since Tuesday for being charged with the murder of Ricardo Fagundes, has been released on “substantial” bail. The bail amount was reported to be $ 100,000.

According to Public Relations Officer Mark Ramotar, the Corpus Habeas Writ was presented to Guyana Police today “… in relation to Rondell Bacchus, suspect in the murder of Ricardo Fagundes, being held in police custody.” This was after the 72 hour detention limit was increased.

As a result, police said Bacchus has been placed on significant bail and will be required to report to police on certain days as the probe continues.

However, while Rondell Bacchus was being escorted from the locks at Brickdam Police Station after his release today, he maliciously damaged a police vehicle he has charged from his court on April 12, 2021.

Bacchus surrendered to police hours Tuesday after a wanted bulletin was issued for him being questioned about the Fagundes murder.

Fagundes was murdered on March 21, outside the popular Main Street nightclub, Georgetown.

The 42-year-old gold dealer of Lot 25 Sandy Babb Street, Georgetown, was shot multiple times for his body at around 22:00 hrs the night in question. While information remains sketchy about what happened, Police noted that the man who has now died was accompanied by a close friend at a party in Palm Court when his cellphone rang.

As such, he left the club to take the call but shortly thereafter, several gun shots were heard. Sponsors of the club, including the now-deceased friend of the man, rushed to inquire but found Fagundes lying dumb in a pool of blood near his motor car.