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False – there will be more

Kaieteur News – It’s a case of: ‘here we go again.’ And even as we say, no more this nonsense, we know to our regret that others – vulnerable victims, who can afford the financial result of listening to the latest fake development will it is this society that separates the ungrateful from what they cannot afford.
As carried by this paper on January 6, the deceptive development this time consisted of training in oil and gas, with dreams of employment in this wild balloon sector falling apart at the seams and with shocking suddenness. This latest scam and scheme robbed dozens of hopeless Guyanese who are now hapless, who are left worrying how they will be able to recover their heavy financial losses. From the reports, one policeman lost $ 260,000 and wondered how he will overcome this sudden financial disaster. Whatever the dozens of others lost, the amount must be close to, and hopefully no more than that quarter of a million plus Guyana dollars from which the unchanged policeman pocket and regret it.
As for those from earlier batches that received certificates, those things are not worth the paper they have written on. No one from whichever batch has such certificates stands; those things have no value. Something must be said to our fellow citizens straight away, as hard as this may be to absorb: this whole thing was a fraud, a cruel hoax committed on brothers by a cold and calculating predator, a ruthless one. The money invested with so much anticipation has disappeared, unless there could be some recovery with the help of the police and the courts, it’s all gone.
Now it’s time to get a word of warning to fellow citizens. We understand that many seek an honest break in life, which we approve of, but only when done carefully and wisely. Anytime a certain magic word is seen anywhere in matters of these sorts, it’s time to worry, time to make sure the exits are accessed and used, without looking back and wondering ‘what if …?’ That word is WARRANTY. In contexts like these, guaranteeing is a nasty, dirty, expensive word, and no chance should be taken, especially by those who do not have the ability to withstand the financial shock to their system. For those, who invested more than cash, but who also dream, the result could be nothing short of catastrophic and most gut-wrenching. Guaranteed anything, be it employment, return, or cash back is fool bait. Just be reminded of the state of many victims of the Ponzi scheme, which received much publicity, promised so much, but achieved little or nothing at all. So, guaranteed is out.
Some warning words and other catch phrases that Guyanese should be aware of include: ‘can’t miss’ and ‘sure winner.’ Those are always early warnings of trouble on the horizon, which can be painful, if there is resistance to listening, or rejection of plain old common sense.
Exxon is not an evening flight operation, but a colossus of global status and an even greater reach. Exxon is not going to employ any ‘bottom house’ and back street agents to conduct any aspect of its business in Guyana. It’s time for Guyanese to understand this, and educate themselves accordingly by doing their research and following the queues. There is no free lunch, no jumping on the line, and no promised shortcut to the promised country from a relationship with Exxon. That much must be made clear, and form part of the self-education to which we drill. The same goes for other companies that come here to work this oil, or to be part of downstream business fleets. Guyanese must be realistic and sensible, and do a better job of managing themselves.
It is revealing that this fake training business is local. There will be many other such schemes and hoaxes, both local and foreign scoundrels trying to deceive and deceive Guyanese into complacency and then error. Our final word to fellow citizens: be wary of the wolves that come.