Fifty-five COVID patients benefit from plasma treatment at GPHC – Kaieteur News

Fifty-five COVID patients benefit from plasma treatment at GPHC

Head of GPHC Medical Services, Dr. Mahendra Carpen.

Head of NBTS, Dr. Pedro Lewis.

Kaieteur News – At least 50 people have benefited from the COVID-19 convalescent plasma treatment administered through the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
Under the treatment option, the convalescent plasma is collected by a COVID-19 patient recovered by the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS). The plasma, which contains the antibodies against the virus, is then used to treat critical patients suffering from the infection with a view to fighting the same viral infection. The blood / plasma goes through a thorough filtration process at NBTS before being given to patients.
The Head of Medical Services at the GPHC, Mahendra Carpen, confirmed with Kaieteur News that the treatment method has been very successful with patients battling the deadly disease.
In his latest update, Dr. Carpen that at least 50 patients could benefit from successful treatment of plasma by COVID-19 patients.
Dr. Carpen is one of the leading healthcare providers treating patients with the disease. He had previously explained that while the (recovered) convalescent plasma treatment remains a viable option for patients in a highly critical condition, the treatment is hampered by the compatibility issues.
He noted that the hospital must ensure that the blood collected by the recovered patients is compatible and can be used for those who are critical.
“That’s where we face restraint because it’s not always a fight,” the doctor stressed.
However, the Head of the NBTS, Dr. Pedro Lewis said that while there were some initial problems with recovered patients donating their plasma to the cause, the NBTS has been encouraging more recovered patients to donate. As a result, Dr. Lewis said that about 70 percent of the plasma collected by the recovered patients had been used to treat those who are still ill with the disorder. He explained that the process of collecting life-saving body fluid was safe.
“We do all the routine screening associated with the regular blood donation process. So the whole process is safe, ”revealed Dr. Lewis during Kaieteur Radio’s Your Health Matters program yesterday.
He noted, however, that the recovery rate of COVID-19 patients should not be credited to convalescent plasma treatment alone, as other medicines were used to treat the patients.
The doctor noted that recovery plasma does not replace full treatment; rather it is an addition to the other medications used to treat COVID-19 patients.
Supplementary treatment includes administration of oxygen, vitamins, hydroxychloroquine and other types of medicines.
Since last March, Guyana has been exploring the recommended treatment options for patients affected by Coronavirus disease.
Among them were the convalescent plasma for treating COVID-19 patients recommended by the Ministry of Health (MOH) following the approval of the Pan American Institute / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO).