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Focus country spending


I thought Parliament was on holiday break, however, I learned today that our Representatives will be meeting on Wednesday, December 23, 2020 and are not going to make this short policy paper until the new year to contribute to National Policy Development.
Finding the right balance for country spending – very careful consideration must be given to sitting on a pile of cash in the treasury and using various credit facilities. Money management factors of debt-to-income ratio credit risk, cash reserves and projected income from all sources, look for the optimization point on country spending or at least some form of acceptable balance.
The Civic Progressive Party either ignores some basic principles or practices some form of Russian voodoo or economics, they have three former Finance Ministers on the Board these guys should surely know a former President and Current VP Former Finance Minister Jagdeo Kowlessar and Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni K. Singh, who has lived in Canada
In terms of local involvement policy, we need more than Corporate social welfare in some sectors and industries, now most should know that job creation will have to come from a wide cross-section of different development projects with the oil reserves largely , so for example in my local area the people I’ve seen and talked to don’t want to move, instead they want to stay where they are and be re-zoned with a better human development environment and living structures safer, employ a construction company, employ people within the neighborhood to carry out work on a model multi-unit building, if this goes well then make further developments.
Take care now, this is a quick note, correct any grammatical errors or expand the vision, more policy ideas to follow

Ronald Thompson