Former Guyana Golden Jaguars captain Christopher Christopher is the newest change agent in football, following his appointment to the MLS Next Equity Executive Committee.
Major League Soccer’s Next Equity Action Committee (MLS) has been described as a new diversity, fairness and inclusion initiative that advocates for social equality in football.
During a Seminar at the launch of the initiative Nurse explained to colleagues in the world of MLS Next that it was a case with which to identify personally, given his struggles with slugs and racist situations during his days of grassroots and ball club foot.
Now, the former Captain of the Golden Jags believes the Equity Executive Committee is one that can greatly benefit Guyanese football, given Guyana’s racially diverse population.
“We need to make conscious efforts to improve racial divides and really seek out policies and procedures that can unite and empower everyone to access resources, education and support to be successful,” MLS Next Head Coach at Weston FC told the Guyana Times Sports.
Expanding on the need for such initiatives, Nurse highlighted that race issues should not only be confined to politics.
He said, “Around the time of the elections, race issues often become a controversial theme. Anti-racism should not be seen as a political stance, it is our responsibility to recognize inequalities in our societies and take steps to correct them. ”
“In Guyana we say One Nation, One destiny. There is no sport in the world that unites people of different ethnicities, colors and roots as football can. Guyana’s demographic is very diverse and is growing week by week. ”
Highlighting the power of sports to act as a unifying force, the former Golden Jaguars International explained that football can have a positive impact.
“Football is a powerful and diverse tool for uniting people and providing hope and aspiration to the youth. We haven’t even started to move this powerful vehicle to its potential in Guyana but once the time arrives you will see the positive impact that football can have on society, ”
“It will take courageous leaders to take the necessary steps in this space to get the job done.”
The London-born Golden Jaguars player was appointed Captain of the Guyanese team in 2011, leading up to Guyana’s 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign.

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