For the love of Guyana

Tired of being warned about everything that was negative in Guyana on the world wide web, a couple decided to fight the bad with the good and create a space specifically designed to showcase everything that was positive in the Land of the Waters Many, culminating in the Guyana Facebook Page Visit.

Four years after his birth in September 2012, the page created by Chris and Stacey Rahaman has been able to satisfy the appetites of hungry for all that is positive in Guyana and those keen to explore this wonderful land.

The page – described by its creators as “a celebration of all that is good in Guyana” – not only showcases breathtaking views of the country but also provides information on how to visit the locations, talking with entertainment and how to enjoy fine dining amongst others. things. Today there are over 143,000 fans on the page.

Stacey and Chris Rahaman of Visit Guyana
Stacey and Chris Rahaman of Visit Guyana

“We both realized there were many negatives available online [and] after returning from abroad we knew that people had a negative perception of Guyana because often, when they don’t know much about the country they would Google it and many negative things would arise. So what we decided to do was create a positive space that would promote everything Guyana was good for, ”said Stacey, who worked in tourism both locally and abroad, in a recent conversation.

Given a chance, Chris and Stacey would talk about Guyana without delay. And if you weren’t in love before, their vivid descriptions would give you that giddy feeling, stars would appear in your eyes and you would be caught ‘hook, line and sinker.’

What was evident moments when chatting with the couple, was their deep love for their country, and this is what keeps them plugging away. They are not just about posting beautiful photos and providing the necessary information. Wanting to be true messengers of positivity, they have been traveling the length and breadth of this vast country, experiencing its rich, exotic and prestigious sites and villages mixed with its diverse culture and heritage . So when they talk about Guyana, they do it not only from a position of authority, but from falling in love with Guyana over and over again.

“He [Visit Guyana] it exploded… Within about a month of having about two fans it went to about 10,000 fans and was still growing from there, ”said Stacey, adding that they soon realized that people not only wanted to know where to visit but about “the positive developments and their Guyanese achievements and about culture, art, music …”

On any given day the couple would make about 12 to 14 posts and these would include photos and videos among other information. In the near future, videos would have a more frequent presence as the couple’s recent video, Visit Guyana, was well received.

Shell Beach in Region One
Shell Beach in Region One

Visiting Guyana is actually a side job for the couple and one they thought of “out of love for Guyana.” They also have their real jobs and as such have to balance between the two.

“But it has become less of a side job,” Chris, who had almost tangible excitement in his eyes, quickly quipped after his wife described the page as their “side job.” He added that the page led to many other pages being born and they do not view this as a competition but rather about “making Guyana positive.”

Off the page they own Christa Marketing Solutions Company which specializes in internet and social media marketing. They manage social marketing for many well-known companies and help start up pages for companies, which would eventually be taken over by the companies’ marketing departments. “That’s where our bread comes from,” said Stacey with a smile. Chris said that they currently manage about 17 pages but have created much more.

Apart from that, they have published their first magazine—Lime, Dinner and Unwind, A Taste of Guyana– which is essentially a guide to many of the places where one can eat in Guyana. They are working on the second magazine which will include trips that people can take.

“It’s more like a magazine type directory,” says Chris, but his wife, who seems to be more in love with what they are, described it in brief as “a marriage between articles and directory … When they pick up this magazine all their questions about where to visit, what to eat, what to do, where to go … are answered … “

And the journey continues as there is now a website— – where the motivation remains “to showcase all that is positive and beautiful in Guyana.” The website, which is still under construction but can be viewed, also gives young writers the opportunity to share their experiences after visiting different locations, and this aspect has been well received.

Shell Beach

So well traveled in Guyana that she and her husband could be considered experts on the various tourist attractions, for Stacey, the least visited location – but one that is really beautiful and has a lot to ‘ w proposal – is Shell Beach in Region One (Barima / Waini).

“People have heard of it but it’s still not a heavily visited place…,” said Stacey, adding that the attraction is not just the beach but the surrounding area; for her it is one of the most beautiful places she has visited in Guyana.

“It has the perfect balance of forest… when you’re there you feel like you’re in a completely different world … You’re in a completely different place, a different zone where you can kind of be one with nature and be one with nature and just sitting and staring at the hills… and the people are so warm, friendly, inviting, ”says Stacey.

“And then there’s the beach,” Chis chimed in, and his wife went on to point out that Guyana is not well known for beaches but Shell Beach is “absolutely beautiful and then the four different species of turtle are nest there and that takes it to another level. ”

She said while many have heard of the area they don’t know how to get there, when to visit to best accompany turtle nesting and what else they can do while there. Stacey said there was one trusted tour operator in the area and “It’s just about community; you can see the turtle nesting, you can go see caiman, you can interact with the villagers and learn about their traditions and buy arts and crafts.

“That’s a place that I find really beautiful and not many people visit… To get there you can take a plane and then a boat but you can also go on the route if that’s your cup of tea. ”

He pointed out that many people visit Kaieteur Falls and the Lethem area but many have not experienced Shell Beach.

“There are lots of other places too. Accessibility is an issue, but we’re taking a trip to explore new places because there are lots of waterfalls that they haven’t photographed…, ”said Chris and his wife added that they are trying to“ bring the information to the people. ”

They are in the process of acquiring a drone so that their photographs better capture everything offered at any given location.

“Although we’ve been doing this for a while, every time we visit somewhere we’re in awe of our own country over and over again …” Stacey said while Chris added that funding is a problem for many that it is expensive to visit many of the places.

Chris and Stacey are parents of two young children, one of whom has an insect allergy, so traveling is difficult at times. They have struck a deal that there will be times when they can only visit one at a time.

They promise that Visit Guyana will “get bigger and bigger” as they continue to explore the Waters of the Great Waters.