Chris Nurse in 2015

Weston FC is pleased to announce that Chris Nurse, MLS Next Coach, has been appointed to the MLS Next Equity Executive Committee, a new diversity, fairness and inclusion initiative that advocates for social equality in football.
Coach Nurse is one of nine members on the committee, who will lead MLS Next to facilitate positive changes for a more aware, fair, just and responsible football community. Weston FC is committed to applying the principles of fairness, diversity and inclusion to all its programs and initiatives at an early stage.
“Being on the Equity Executive Committee allows me to influence positive change and bring more awareness and insight to this area,” said Nurse.
“It is an area that is often neglected and not given the attention it needs to address and act upon these issues in society and culture. Football in its purest form is very diverse and we need to make sure that everyone really feels represented and supported. It’s an initiative that is very close to my heart. I was once that young boy who had dreams of playing professionally and was able to fulfill that dream and compete not only as a professional but as a national team captain at the highest level. I had to endure many things on that journey that no man should ever have to endure, and my hope is to ensure that the path for the next generation can be more commendable than it was for myself and many others.

Weston FC coach Chris Nurse

“I was born in London, England, to a Jamaican mother and a Guyanese father and my career started playing in the local park with friends only. Racism was something we experienced every day when growing up. At school, throughout my football career, in the grocery store, just walking the street, driving your car you could be racially abused just for the color of your skin. If it’s in society, it’s in sports. It was something we had to live with. A story that no one really wanted to hear and a story you never wanted to tell. You got on with it.
“Now, as head coach of the MLS Next U-16 team at Weston FC, one of the highest levels of youth football in the CONCACAF region, it is our responsibility as role models, mentors, coaches, teachers and leaders to ensure the children can This means feeling safe, valued and protected from any undue discrimination, harassment or racism.
“Change begins with conversation, if we can open our hearts and minds there is so much more potential to be released in the football game, and this can be achieved by empowering the next generation of athletes through fairness, diversity, and equality. ”

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