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Freddie Kissoon does not speak for African Guyanese but supported some of their struggles


Kaieteur News – Reference is made to Freddie Kissoon’s article, “Lincoln Lewis and some other leaders are suicidal” (KN January 11, 2021). While I am African and proud, I am not driven by African triumph and racism. And while I am aware that the black community is not monolithic, and may have other leaders, I speak for a significant number of people in the black community. I identify with them, I know their concerns, I feel their pains and I speak for them. The blood of our ancestors, their pains, their struggles, reside in or guide me.
Freddie does not speak for African Guyanese, although I acknowledge, he supported some of the struggles of this community. But there it goes again, this guy’s predicament to decide who speaks for the community. Now he would like people to think he has more respect in the black community, more leadership in the black community than I have. That is the crassness of man, the intellect of man.
Once he started a brawl and gained more power, he is now trying to give the impression he is concerned about standards. Who installed them and who agrees with them? This is not a formal debate. Freddie is not a person who adheres to universally accepted principles and will not acknowledge these. He may be an educated man but he is not a principled man. This chaos captain cannot set standards regarding severity.
For years now he has encouraged abuses of the black race, and especially black leaders who have retreated to the gutter with him. I have no problem getting to know him because as a trade unionist I go wherever the fighting takes me. There are many ugly human beings in the world. Kissoon’s character contributes to being called so but the narcissist in it chooses to focus only on his ugly exterior.
As for his interest in my age, I’m not 80 yet but I’m looking forward to it. The ancestral genes allow my family to enjoy a long life; long, active and functional living. My uncle, James Barrington Lewis Layne, at the age of 104, walked out unaided to exercise his franchise at the last election. My blessing of longevity is not a curse. Only the tender young buds among us, teenagers in particular, matter for age because many feel the sweetness of living only at that stage of life. Freddie and I are adults, gray hair and drawing pension. In his age-old style, he remains trapped in an age of schoolboy bullying to make up for his inadequacy.
I have never put a cigarette in my mouth but in its despair it always accuses me of having one in my mouth. Smoking a cigarette is not a thief; he is not an outlaw or a plagiarist, but his accusation is true to the lying nature of an ugly human being who feels he could say anything and not be held accountable. So, people like me have to respond. Freddie abuses his unfettered access to the media to engage in public evil, and benefits from having lectured at the highest learning institution in society as a trusted person, when he continues to prove to on the contrary. And if my sledgehammer can be light, suffice it to say it’s more than enough for a cesspool feather.
In closing, I acknowledge the Editor’s note in Kissoon’s immediate column “In the interest of maintaining some respect and ornament on these pages, this will be Mr.’s last response. Kissoon to Lincoln Lewis. ” I respect the newspaper’s concern, but Freddie’s ongoing attacks, lies and misrepresentations of the black race, and especially black leaders, have reached the limit of tolerance. This issue is not just about him and Lincoln, it’s about the community in Africa that he believes he can honor and humiliate without fear of challenge.

Lincoln Lewis

Editor’s Note: Because Mr. Lewis to respond; this letter is being facilitated and will mark the end of his and Freddie Kissoon’s exchange.