– “Guyana will be ready to qualify,” said Haynes

Secretary General of GABF
Patrick Haynes

The new 3 × 3 format in basketball is guiding the world, and as such, Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Secretary General Patrick Haynes is confident that Guyana will do well when tournament starts.
Of the 25 National Federations participating in the FIBA ​​3 × 3 AmeriCup2021, Guyana is 23rd. Guyana has seen many successes in the 3 × 3 format and is expected to dominate when they hit the court. Due to the number of eligible teams, the FIBA ​​3 × 3 AmeriCup 2021 will have to be played with a main equalizer and a qualification.
Many teams will qualify directly for the main draw, while the remaining teams will qualify through a qualification raffle or qualification tournament. Teams will be assigned to the main prize draw or qualifier based on the FIBA ​​3 × 3 Federation Rank in the appropriate category on November 1, 2020, with the highest scoring teams and a FIBA ​​host 3 × 3 AmeriCup 2021 applies directly to the main draw, with all remaining teams joining the qualifying game. As it stands at present, Guyana does not know if they will enter the main or qualifying match, so they will have to wait until further results are announced.
Sharing his feelings on the news, Secretary General Haynes said, “Guyana is very excited about this opportunity to compete in AmeriCup FIBA ​​3 × 3. Guyana has had some success in the Antilles 3 × finals 3 in St Lucia and again in Guyana. So, we feel very confident going into this tournament. We are not sure which category we are going to be placed in as it goes back to the rating points, as this is accrued by the number of players actively playing the game and also the number of events 3 × 3 the country maintains. . ”
Haynes went on to state that they will be ready, no matter where Guyana’s team is, whether it be the main draw or the qualifying match. He also conveyed that he had an energy that Guyana was qualified for and has been working tirelessly with GABF executives and the 3 × 3 personnel hired. In closing, Haynes reiterated that this was a good look for Guyana and was a good way to return basketball to Guyana.

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