Dear Editor,
The Private Sector Commission’s call on GECOM to take appropriate disciplinary action against any GECOM staff committing misconduct in the performance of its contractual and legal obligations, thereby cleansing its Secretariat, is highly commended.
This call is long overdue and has broad national support with the clear understanding that criminal prosecution for wrongdoing must be considered in the courts – the High Court, and if necessary, the Court of Appeal and the CCJ , while simultaneously applying employment penalties. GECOM cannot hide behind criminal charges being prosecuted in the courts; that is separate and distinct from personnel management and work discipline.
Joshua Singh’s letter published in three of the daily newspapers on December 21, 2020, entitled: “Is GECOM in dire straits of duty for not taking disciplinary action” clearly sets out the legal position and contractual in dealing with personnel management and staff discipline for gross misconduct, and for good and sufficient cause. Singh clearly states the conduct in office which justifies prompt and prompt disciplinary action by GECOM in the following words:
“A good and sufficient cause includes refusal to timely execute lawful instructions, providing false and fraudulent information and reports to the employing authority, misconduct, inefficiency, dilatory tactics, inadequacy, and unprofessional conduct and conduct in contractual and statutory execution. duties. ”
Joshua Singh is to be commended for reminding GECOM (with lawyers on the Commission) of his management responsibility, and for waking up from his long sleep. As stated in the PSC’s statement, those who have made contractual employment cuts must be removed in order to gain public confidence, impartial independence, integrity and professionalism of remaining and new staff. They must resist any undue political and other influences to direct their legal and professional obligations and serve the nation, given the long history of political interference with the electoral processes.
GECOM, act promptly and restore justice in our electoral system for the benefit, and for the national benefit, and save this nation from international embarrassment.

Samuel J Goolsarran

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