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Get home early today!

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – A long time ago, late night shopping started from the 15th of December. Demo shops were allowed to open until 6pm from the 15th to the 23rd tea. On Christmas Eve, I used to open until 8pm.
Things these days have changed. Dealerships and shop owners, if dem had a chance would open until 8am on Christmas morning. But most demo shops open after midnight on Christmas Eve and south vendors sell until noon.
Christmas is a make or break season for many businesses. If you don’t make your money during this time, you might as well shut down because for most of the rest of the year, yuh gat will suck salt.
Guyana’s pandemic and dem boys bin weak gate hoping to gain more responsibility. Dem bin hoping late shopping would be abolished and everyone would pack up and go home at 4pm today. But dem boys know that dat only happens in someone’s dreams.
Rum Shop already doing thriving business. According to de COVID-19 regulations a shop is scheduled to be closed. But dem boys see plenty of exposed people and collect people drinking inside and out. But who’s going to stop dem. South COVID-19 nah Task Force driving around and taking photos of violators. How else does anyone explain how none of these open rum shops come up yet, like dem fancy bars.
Dem boys are planning a holiday fuh dek drink. And dem boys throw a whole bottle fuh all dem wah nah mek people this year, de worst boys dem worst year ever know.
Talk half and go home early today!