Giftland is introducing measures to limit overcrowding during Christmas shopping – Kaieteur News

Giftland is introducing measures to limit overcrowding during Christmas shopping

Giftland Mall says it has introduced measures to limit vacation overcrowding.

Kaieteur News – As the COVID-19 pandemic brings the world to a halt, Giftland insists he is trying his best to keep everyone working and shopping in a safe environment.
“Having effective COVID-19 safeguards in place has been our top priority and is key to providing a safe and secure service to our customers and employees. As we approach our biggest season of the year, we want to restore our strict protocols to remind our customers of the importance, as we face the biggest public health challenge of our time. ”
The Turkeyen center warned that visiting customers must wear masks at all times.
“It is mandatory before going in for a temperature test, then sanitizing either by vigorous hand washing or just walking through any of our sanitary chambers. Customers are always advised to maintain a social distance where no loitering or assembly is allowed. All driveways and footpaths are required to remain clear at all times. ”
To avoid overcrowding, Giftland said its personnel will work with a rigid department measurement system to closely monitor the traffic in different parts of the center.
“If a certain area has reached its maximum capacity, without compromising, customers will be required to wait or allow access to another available area that has not reached its maximum capacity. Together, we need to remain vigilant and continue to follow all recommended health and safety precautions. “
He reminded Giftland that COVID-19 does not recognize boundaries and that no one is safe until everyone is protected.
“Our sincere thanks to all the public health workers, scientist, frontline workers and federal government agencies who work tirelessly to maintain security in our country, their commitment to fighting COVID-19 has been an inspiration to us all and we are forever grateful for their efforts. ”