GNBS offers calibration of infrared thermometers to support the National Covid-19 response. – Kaieteur News

GNBS offers calibration of infrared thermometers to support the National Covid-19 response.

Kaieteur News – Guyana’s COVID-19 cases have exceeded 10,000 in the past year, of which about 1,000 are active. In addition, the country’s COVID-19 deaths are steadily rising with nearly 50 recorded in the past month. This has increased the need for people to take more action to protect themselves as well as businesses to protect their staff and customers. One of those methods of protection is the use of infrared thermometers to detect high body temperatures at the entrance to the building.
The Guyana Office of National Standards (GNBS) calibrates infrared thermometers, among others, to guarantee accuracy. Calibration is the comparison of the measurement on the device with some calibration standard of known accuracy. Regardless of the type of thermometer used, its accuracy must be determined, especially if used frequently and over extended periods.
Although relying on thermal screening alone will not detect all cases of COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that it is part of a package of measures to prevent and control the disease.
The GNBS has the capability to check infrared temperature guns with a minimum measurement range of 16.5 cm. To access this service, individuals or companies may contact GNBS’s Metrology and Industrial Testing (IMT) Department at telephone numbers 219-0064-66. When contacting the Bureau, a date will be given to submit the device for calibration at a cost of $ 5,000. The process will be completed within 24 hours allowing people to retrieve the tool the next day.
Calibration keeps the measurements within the specified tolerances, controls operation and maintains safety, complies with quality regulations and systems, maintains general acceptability, and establishes the reliability of the instrument ie, it can be trusted.
GNBS advises that all users of Infrared Temperature Guns follow the guidelines listed below:
1. Temperature gun labels should be in English.
2. Always follow manufacturer’s operating guidelines when using temperature guns as methods vary in range and conditions.
3. Avoid touching the sensory and cleaning areas at all times in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
4. Do not release or expose the device to physical shocks.
5. Always store the device properly when not in use to prolong its life and accuracy.
6. Ear-reading devices must not be used to take skin readings.
7. Industrial thermometers should not be used for taking body temperature.
The Bureau encourages all stakeholders including companies, laboratories, and users of thermometers, including clinical and fluid-in-glass, to submit their instruments from time to time for calibration.
For further information, contact GNBS on telephone numbers: 219-0064 / 65/66. Visit our website: and like our Facebook page: gnbsgy