… Haitians
Once again, your Eyewitness raises his hands to heaven and pleads with those powers to seize this Haitian immigrant smuggling problem throughout our country. We learned that the 26 Haitians – including several children – who had been housed at the Hugo Chavez Rehabilitation and Reintegration Center have now “disappeared”. Following massive protests by PNC elements, who desperately tried to make the issue – as they do with everything – a racist one, the 26 migrants had been released to a city hotel.
This shows that the Haitians may not be staying permanently in our country beside the point. We note that in Suriname, nearly a thousand Cubans attempted to “pass through” on their way to the US, but were prevented from doing so by the Suriname authorities, at the request of our Government. The PNC did not cry out “racism” for some obscure (?) Reason, even when three of them were deported who managed to get over it. What your Eyewitness says: these events are just the first drops of a tsunami waiting to wash over us; but, with our small population, it will wash us away!
As our economy evolves with the oil revenues soon to be absorbed into our development plans, these migrants will decide that the grass is pretty green here. This happened to Chile, where they also started a transit point to Brazil, but now has a huge Haitian population, as do Brazil and French Guiana, where they form large slums.
We have highlighted that, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, “The Protocol against the Smuggling of Immigrants by Land, Sea and Air, adopted by resolution of the General Assembly 55/25, came into force on 28 January 2004. deals with the growing problem of organized criminal groups smuggling migrants, often at high risk to the migrants and at high profits to the criminals. This protocol aims to criminalize the smuggling of migrants, and requires countries to make migrant smuggling an offense under their national laws. ”
What’s so hard to understand about this? It’s clear that this Haitian immigrant smuggling was very much organized by what we used to call “backtrackers”. The Haitians Association, which organized the reception and so on, for the migrants, should be taken to the courts to explain how the 26 people they vouched for have disappeared. If they cannot show that these migrants were legally allowed into one of our neighboring countries, then it means that they have aided and abetted the commission of a crime, and should be charged.
CJ (ag) Roxane George should also pronounce on this issue, as the Haitians Association has made themselves parties to the ensuing act.

… Ankoko
We scored a major victory on Friday when the World Court ruled it had jurisdiction to pronounce on the border dispute that Venezuela has been holding over our collective heads as the Sword of Damocles since 1962. As the Court asserted in its announcement, it doesn’t matter one iota that Venezuela has refused to get involved. Venezuela can’t have their cake and eat it too. They accepted the UN’s authority to protect them from Trump, so they can’t deny the same body’s decision to hear our plea!
The Court will now proceed to deal with Venezuela’s claim that the 1999 Arbitration Award on our borders is “null and void” – despite having received it without qualification back then and for over 60 years! While we fully expect the Court to rule in our favor on the validity of the Award, we should know that we have also made it our agenda to return half of Ankoko Island, which the Venezuelans captured in 1966.
Not a blade of grass! Not one spring curass!

… Sanctimonious Gangster
Many Guyanese have absorbed American Culture to such an extent that you would think we are now in the temperate zone! Hoodies are now ubiquitous.

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