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Government needs to stop playing politics with our lives


Kaieteur News – I do not understand why the Guyanese Government is blasting about vaccinating only 100,000 people by June. Government needs to stop playing politics with our lives. Such a slow vaccination process will only allow COVID-19 disease to penetrate the population and reduce unnecessary lives.
The Government must take immediate action to save lives. The Government can easily access one million COVID-19 vaccines to cover the entire Guyanese population in a short space of time. Around mid-May, the US will see a surplus in its vaccine supply. This means that the government should at least be able to buy vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. These companies have manufactured COVID-19 vaccines with high efficacy and are in circulation worldwide. These vaccines are also approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Further, I will say again, the PPP / C government needs to stop playing politics with our lives, especially in a pandemic. To this end, the $ 25,000 COVID-19 cash grant is a political act and an utter disrespect to the poor people of Guyana.
What can you get with this money? I bet only tamarind balls and sugar cakes. The Government needs to treat its people properly. Our fellow Guyanese are dying needlessly in a pandemic because the pandemic is being abused largely by our government. The Government must increase the cash grant significantly. It must also provide its people with the best vaccines, face masks and hand sanitizers. The Government has our oil money – spend it on us.
We hurt and die needlessly. Mr Jagdeo should not be the only one deciding when and how to spend the oil money. The Government also needs to survey and listen to the man on the streets. Guyanese are hurting. And even with a change of government, things have not improved for most Guyanese. The only people living a good life are those from the PPP / C.

Annie Baliram