Govt to explore Pegasus Hotel expansion plans

The Ministry of Public Works is expected to send a team of surveyors and engineers to examine aspects of the development plans for the Pegasus Suites project and Corporate Center under construction.

This was revealed by subject Minister Juan Edghill during a walkthrough of the ongoing project in Kingston on Friday.

“Mr. Badal, the owner of this enterprise has applied to the Ministry of Public Works for specific licenses. Those licenses were deferred from coverage. ”

The permits sought by Pegasus are seeking state permission to improve the front of the new building on Seawall Road, establish water connectivity and parking.

“Within a week we will have a decision so that the Government is comfortable and the private investor will also be comfortable to take forward its investment so that we can see Guyana’s modernization,” said Minister Edghill.

The Minister underlined the Government’s interest in enabling business growth and expansion to drive the nation’s economy.

Bishop Edghill added, “the vision and views of the Irfaan Ali facilitates investment and not blockers. ”

Since taking office, the PPP / C Government has made it clear that Guyana is open for business and investment from local and foreign investors.

It is for this reason that a multitude of measures were passed under the emergency measures of 2020 to cushion the economic impact of COVID-19 on business and Guyanese on average.

In some of the most notable measures, VAT was deducted on electricity, water, materials in the construction and construction industry as well as on agricultural and mining equipment.

To further encourage investment, a decision was made early in the Ministry for the President’s Office to have direct oversight of Go-Invest. This would ensure that investments remain on the front burner for Government. In the hotel and hospitality sector, investments are about to see an increase with celebrity hotels such as Sheraton, Best Western, Delta Marriott, among others, slated to begin construction.